June hymn

We finished up our exit interviews and thesis assessments with the Dell'Arte faculty this week. Not much left to do except finish up a few straggling assignments, get our websites in order, and prepare for the great and gradual departure of our eight-person ensemble from this sleepy, sunny little town.

It's odd, how things like fanfare fade out as you grow older. It's a fundamentally Dell'Artian philosophy, actually- a classmate's father once commented "it's a good way to be. None of this 'everybody gets a trophy' crap." And it's true- after three years, we've come to expect to be told to do it better next time, and for the conversation to end there.

And so off we go into the wild blue next time, armed only with the longing to do it better. That, and the smell of the river stones in the sun, will do just fine.